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Konstantinidis Bros invests in a 10 tonnes per hour Scavenger

  • Client

    Konstantinidis Bros

    The family group Konstantinidis Bros in Thessaloniki wants to reinforce its position in Greece while complying to the European Guideline 2000/53/EC.

  • Challenge

    When a car wreck is being shredded it doesn't only create metals but also side products such as plastics, foam rubbers and textiles. A few years ago these products were not recycled. Since the introduction of the 2015 European Guideline for the recycling of car wrecks it became an obligation to recycle a minimum of 95% of a car wreck.

  • Solution

    As an answer to this challenge Ad Rem created the Scavenger. This machine is capable of separating light shredder residu into three different types, namely a fines fraction, a fuel fraction and a heavy fraction.’ The second of these - refuse-derived fuel - is a flammable light fraction obtained via extensive sieving and wind-sifting. Owing to its high calorific value, it can be used to fuel waste-to-energy plants or cement kilns.

  • The delivered
    Scavenger has a
    capacity of 10T/h.
  • Result

    The Scavenger which was delivered to Konstantinidis Bros has a capacity of 10 tonnes per hour. This results into a total capacity of approximately 60.000 tonnes per year. With this machine our customer is ready for the future.

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