Dense medium plant for Konstantinidis in Greece

  • Client

    Konstantinidis Bros

    The family group Konstantinidis Bros in Thessaloniki wants to reinforce its position in Greece while complying with the European Guideline 2000/53/EC.

  • Challenge

    After installing a Scavenger system, Konstantinidis is creating a heavy fraction from ASR containing a mix of metals and plastics. This mix contains many recyclable items, but needs to be separated.

  • Solution

    The next generation flotation system combines an elaborate washing system with a sink-float step on different densities to separate the different materials. Through the washing process, pollutants are concentrated in a single sludge output, making it possible to comply with local water regulations. Using rinsing drums instead of screens, we enable cleaning of the sieves while in operation. Not only does this prevent frequent maintenance stops, it also prevents medium losses. A double medium storage system enables Konstantinidis to switch densities easily, making the system versatile for production of different material mixes. Other innovations include elaborate automation and logging systems and a study done with the University of Leuven in Belgium to model the process flows.

  • Result

    Due to all technical innovations, Konstantinidis can separate their heavies into a clean plastics, aluminium, and a zorba mix, at over 10 tonnes per hour, with misplacement in all outputs approaching zero.

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