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Recycling machines

With an expertise that spans more than 75 years Ad Rem is the premium dealer of recycling machines and other solutions for the recycling industry.

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Today the recycling industry is constantly dealing with new kinds of materials and applications. Ad Rem Recycling Machines provides the perfect match for your business.

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We consider an excellent support as one of the key elements for a fruitful customer relationship. You can rely on us, anywhere and anytime!



Ad Rem provides cutting edge engineering and flexible services for the recycling industry in a changing environment.


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About Us

Ad Rem has coined an industrial converting process to recycle scrap from consumer goods (cars, white and brown goods) and factory scrap in an ecological way. By converting waste products into secondary raw materials, we contribute to a cleaner environment.
Our goal is 100% valorisation. Up-to-date machinery proves our professional and industrial approach. Our experienced engineers continue to develop new techniques that enable us to achieve our goal.
Ad Rem aims to be a solid business partner to its customers in supplying machinery to recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals. By recycling end-of-life consumer goods and factory scrap metal in an eco-friendly way and converting them into secondary raw materials, it helps build a cleaner environment. To make that happen, Ad Rem takes advantage of recent trends in order, thus, to retain its status as a ‘first mover’ in the sector and to build on that reputation.