Screening drum

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Size matters!

Screening drums are used to divide the material into fractions of different sizes. They optimise the feed to downstream components of a total installation. This way the throughput, uptime and separation efficiency of an installation is maximized.

Screening sections

A screening drum consists of one or more sieving sections. The first screening section has the smallest openings. The dimensions of the holes increase with every consecutive screening section. The drum is driven by large wheels that are under the drum.


Around the drum there can be a casing to prevent dust pollution into the surroundings, this by putting the interior of the drum in underpressure. Other equipment can be incorporated into the design of the screening drum, like conveyor belts, vibratory screens and other equipment to evacuate the material away from the screening drum.


The parts that did not fall through the screening sections of the drum are evacuated at the back of the drum. These parts have to be reduced in size before reprocessing with the same screening drum.


The design of a screening drum is always in function of the process and the material that needs to be processed. Other factors like maintenance also play an important role.


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