Washing and rinsing drum

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Removing pollutants from your product 

The washing drum is used to remove pollutants from your product. To achieve this, the product is introduced into a rotating drum together with washing water. Due to the friction between the drum and the product, the dirt is removed from the product. The clean product is discharged from the drum through an internal screw. In the rinsing zones, the rinsing water is evacuated by means of a grid system installed in the drum body. The grids can be made from perforated plates or wedge wire panels.

To clean the grid system, the washing drum can be equipped with spraying nozzles ranging from 4 to 200 bar.

Standard implementations include a drum diameter of 1,8m and 2,4m.


  • Large capacity
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Continuous process
  • Low maintenance cost

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