LCD Depollution material
LCD depollution
LCD depollution

LCD Depollution

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LCD Recycling

LCD screens are an example of electronics which have not been designed with recycling in mind. Most LCD screens which are now end of life use mercury lamps as a backlight for the screen. Because mercury is very toxic in small amounts it is necessary to contain the mercury which is liberated during recycling. The easiest way to do this would be to disassemble the LCD screen and remove the mercury lamps before sending the screen through a shredder. This process however is time consuming and thus very expensive.

Ad Rem has developed a fully automated process to remove hazardous waste materials coming from LCD’s after shredding. The process is capable of processing 1 metric tonne per hour and can be scaled to comply to your needs.

LCD depollution material
LCD depollution
LCD depollution

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