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Remove fibers and solids from waste water

The Ad Rem Fiber Sieve Drum is designed to remove fibers and solid particles from waste and process water by screening. The Fiber Sieve Drum is designed through constant testing and equipped with proven technology. By using our Fiber Sieve Drum you protect your off-stream machinery.

The Fiber Sieve Drum is an easy and inexpensive method to remove solids and fibers out of waste water.

All our Fiber Sieve Drums are custom made to fit your needs. It can be implemented perfectly into your system. Together with our mechanical engineers a custom-made 3D design is drawn to your specific demands.


  • Protects off stream machinery
  • Evacuate solids and lint out of waste water
  • Is custom-made for your application

Fields of application:

  • Food processing industry
  • Textile industry
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Waste recycling industry
  • Bio energy industry
  • Water treatment


How it works

Water is being injected into the drum through an inlet pipe. Because of the special design of the inlet, the water is being distributed over the drums interior. The waste water is evacuated through the perforations while the separated particles are transported through the drum by the inner screw.
Dewatering continues while the particles are being transported in the drum.


By using round perforations fibers have a very small chance of passing through the drum screen. This way we can extract a great amount of fibers and hairs out of the liquid.


Our Fiber Sieve Drums are equipped with a high quality brush and high pressure spray nozzles to prevent clogging of the units perforations. The unit can be equipped with spray nozzles of 4 bar up to 150 bar.

Custom design

We give you the possibility to fully integrate our Fiber Sieve Drums into your system by modifying following objects:

  • Fully adjustable bottom so that the unit can make use of a reservoir or direct mounting above a pit.
  • Different mounting possibilities.
  • Different use of materials so that the Fiber Sieve Drums can be used in acid and potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • With or without separate overflow system.


Our standard capacities range from 40m³ to 360m³. We also deliver custom machinery with smaller or larger capacities.

fiber sieve machine
Fiber sieve
Fiber sieve drum
fiber sieve for recycling machine

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