Container system
container system for recycling machine

Container systems

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Automatic dust collection

A container system can be used to easily collect dust coming from  your machinery. It can be connected directly to your cyclones and other equipment to collect dust or dusty products. When a container is full the system switches automatically to an empty container. On the bottom side of the container cover is a seal, which prevents dust from escaping. The containers can be taken out of the system by simply lifting up the cover. A lorry can then transport the container with the material towards its destination. The container filling system can be put into underpressure to prevent dust escaping into the environment.

Smart container system

The container covers are equipped with a filling screw in longitudinal direction. When the material is piled up too high (in front of the container), the filling screw pulls the material more to the back side of the container, so that the containers are equally filled. When the container is full, the container cover (including screw conveyor) lifts up, and the full container can be replaced by an empty one.

Dust free system

On the container filling system are several dust extraction points foreseen, which can connected to the general dust extraction system.

Container systems
Container system
Container systems for recycling purposes

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