Chain feeder

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Constant feeding of your proces

A feeder provides the processing equipment with a constant flow of material.

Proper feeding and discharging

Material is being loaded in the feeder using a wheel loader or an other loading device. The material falls into a shaft. At the bottom a robust steel plate conveyor transports the material to the front of the feeder.

To prevent dust coming out at the loading and discharge points of the feeder, special hoods and equipment to put the feeder in underpressure can be provided.

Steel plate conveyor

A steel plate conveyor is the strongest and most reliable conveyor to transport a mix of heavy solid parts but also a mix of light flexible parts. Due to its robustness it is also possible to load this system without doing damage.

Levelling screws

To make a continuous feed possible from discontinuous feeding with a wheel loader or other discontinuous loading equipment levelling screws can be installed to secure a constant feed to the downstream equipment.


Due to its robustness the amount of maintenance is very low. Also, the Ad Rem feeders are designed with all required inspection doors and platforms to reach all of the required inspection zones.

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