Ad Rem introduces the Vulture

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Ad Rem has developed a new dense medium separation system. With the Vulture, Zorba or IBA is separated by means of a flotation drum operating at a density of 3.0 kg/dm³ using Ferro Silicon (FeSi) as a medium. The aluminium floats and is ejected out the front of the drum. The sinks, consisting of heavy metals, are transported through the drum and evacuated at the back.

Already highly specialized in flotation technology, the Ad Rem design team focused on reducing the medium consumption, saving 5 kg of FeSi for every tonne of Zorba material as opposed to other flotation systems. This effectively enables recyclers to save more than $300.000 worth of FeSi anually for a 10 tonnes per hour system. 

The Vulture's capacity can be scaled from 10 to 40 tonnes per hour. 

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