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WEEE recycling

Next to processing shredder light and heavy shredder fraction the Ad Rem machinery is also capable of processing waste of electrical and electronic equipment.

Incineration slag and ashes

Out of both untreated ash as well as the mixed and contaminated metal fraction we can recover a clean aluminum and a heavy metal fraction.

Recycling machines for plastic waste

With the GRS equipment we are able to handle each type of these materials.

Shredder heavy fraction

From 1991 up till today Galloo does this type of processing for its own shredders and for many other shredder companies, proving the high quality of the separation technology and the high return on investment of the Ad Rem separation equipment.  

Shredder light fraction (SLF)

AD REM's main focus is currently on the processing, reuse and recycling of Shredder Light Fraction.