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Ad Rem is a company that is specialized in the research, designing, engineering, and construction of separation equipment for the recycling-, mineral- and food-processing industry. A wide range of different technologies are used in these separation installations. The young company Ad Rem has strong roots. Ad Rem is a joint venture between Group Galloo and the Valtech Group, both being strong companies in their field of expertise. Group Galloo being one of the largest and most renowned recycling companies in Europe. The Valtech Group is a holding  containing 15 niche market engineering and construction companies that are mainly active, or are closely connected, to the recycling industry.

The recycling expertise of Group Galloo together with the engineering ingenuity of the Valtech Group makes a strong foundation. The ambitious staff of Ad Rem, being mainly experienced engineers coming from the parent companies, are putting in all effort to make Ad Rem a front runner in the industry.

During our short existence we have been optimizing and developing new ways for separating diverse waste streams and materials. We are continuously upgrading, modifying and searching for new solutions for our customers.

We hope that we can convince you with our products and processes and we would like you to be a satisfied customer of Ad Rem.

Group Galloo

Group Galloo Recycling is one of Europe's leading recycling firms of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Our goal: 100% recycling. Group Galloo Recycling cannibalizes and recycles 1,400,000 tonnes of ferrous metals, 80,000 tonnes of non-ferrous metals, 20,000 tonnes of plastic and 150,000 tonnes of shredder residue per annum. By investing continually in new technologies, the group strives to achieve its goal of 100% recycling. Group Galloo Recycling has 14 divisions in Belgium, 23 in France and 3 in the Netherlands.

Group Galloo uses dense medium separation equipment since 1991. This partner is committed to share the process know how it has acquired with the Ad Rem customers.

Valvan Baling Systems

Valvan Baling Systems NV is a modern engineering and machine building company specialized in the design and the construction of hydraulic baling presses, sorting systems and peripheral equipment, such as pneumatic transport, conveyors, automatic warehousing of the bales, ...
A dedicated and dynamic team guarantees technical support in the design and performance. Apart from developing solutions around our customer’s specific requirements, we also offer a fast and reliable after sales service.
Valvan Baling Systems will provide the know how of engineering, project management and machine building to enable Ad Rem to offer complete turn key plants.

Both partners in Ad Rem are financially solid companies with a strong reputation in their domain.

The centrepiece of Ad Rem technology is a patented unique bi-directional dense medium barrel that is, undoubtedly, the most accurate dense medium separator on the market today.

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